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10 Engagement Ideas to Surprise Your Friends

You and your beau are holding an engagement party to break the news that you’re getting hitched soon. The idea of sharing this wonderful news to your family and closest friends certainly thrills you. To ensure that you’ll have the best engagement party possible, here are some terrific ideas that you would want to consider.

Fantastic engagement idea # 1 – Cool invitations

Every party starts with wedding stationery, right? So if you want to have an extraordinary engagement party, think of a cool and unique invitation to give away. One excellent idea would be an invitation that doubles as a party favor. It can be a potted flower plant or a box of chocolates. Just make sure that the details of the event are printed on that item you’re giving away.

Fantastic engagement idea # 2 – Surprise engagement party

Instead of letting everyone know it’s an engagement party, why don’t you keep it a secret for a while, until all the guests arrive and you surprise them you and your beau are getting married? It would be a great thrill to see the look on your family and friends’ faces when you announce the engagement.

Fantastic engagement idea # 3 – Themed event

Parties are always more fun if it has a theme. Make your engagement party a themed event. Fabulous options include Hawaiian Luau, Las Vegas Casino, Caribbean Getaway, Hollywood Glam, Jungle Fever, Outer Space Intergalactic, and so many more. The great thing about themes is that it makes the planning so much easier. From the decors to the invites to the activities during the event—everything can be patterned to fit the theme.

Fantastic engagement idea # 4 – Funny photo booth

Your guests will have a grand time posing in front of the photo booth. Make sure you have costumes, masks, head gears and wigs ready for them to don while posing.

Fantastic engagement idea # 5 – Mini roast of the couple

Who doesn’t enjoy a good roast? Since you and your beau are the center of the event, you can be good targets for the roast. Make sure that the “roaster” keeps it clean and safe though so no toes will be stepped on.

Fantastic engagement idea # 6 – Karaoke activity

Engagement parties don’t usually have karaoke singing but this doesn’t mean you can’t have one in yours. If you and yours guests love to belt it out, this is one good activity to do that will not only break the ice but will also keep the guests entertained.


Fantastic engagement idea # 7 – Memorabilia exhibit

Another wonderful idea to do for the engagement party is to put up a mini memorabilia exhibit. This would include baby photos and old photos of you and your beau. You should also include courtship keepsakes like the first greeting card that you gave each other or the gift that your beau gave you on your first date. Don’t forget to display engagement photographs if there are any.

Fantastic engagement idea # 8 – “The Proposal” movie

Usually, the couple would tell the story about the proposal during the engagement party. In fact, this is one of the most awaited parts of this event. But if you’re not good storytellers or you want to infuse something different into this tradition, why not shoot a homemade movie reenacting the scenes of the proposal? This will surely get the guests rolling with laughter.

Fantastic engagement idea # 9 – Outdoor picnic

You’ve probably attended a lot of engagement parties in the past. And if there’s one thing that you notice in all these parties is that they are held in similar venues. It’s usually held in the house of the bride or groom, or in a rental hall. Make yours extraordinary by holding it outdoors. Instead of a formal sit-down dinner or buffet, hold an outdoor picnic engagement party that can put everyone in the mood for relaxation.

Fantastic engagement idea # 10 – Slideshow of photos over the years

Collect your most memorable photos with your beau. Then compile it into a slideshow. Add some romantic music in the background. Be sure to choose something that’s close to your hearts. Rent an LCD projector for the event and show this to your guests.

They say engagement parties should be kept simple so they won’t compete with the wedding. But this doesn’t mean it should be plain and boring. Spice up the event with these fabulous tips and wedding ideas.